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Survey shows school classes “boiling hot”

The Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK) conducted a survey about the quality of air in the classes of elementary schools during the period when the special health protocols were in place for protection from Covid-19.

One of the findings of the survey was that during the biggest part of the school day, and specifically during 85%, the temperature inside classrooms exceeded 27 C which is the recommended maximum limit.

Also, due to the fact that windows and doors were open, on the basis of the Covid-19 protocol, natural ventilation helped to maintain ventilation index CO2 at acceptable levels.

According to TEPAK, this is the first survey conducted among a representative sample of Cyprus’s school population, regarding the evaluation of air in classrooms during the warm period of May-July 2021, a period during which the relevant Covid-19 protocol was implemented in schools.

A total of 42 primary schools from all districts were included in the survey.

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