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Survey: Majority of tourists satisfied with Cyprus holiday, plan on returning

Most tourists who visited Cyprus this summer were satisfied with their holidays on the island, a Cyprus Tourism Organisation survey has shown.

The survey was carried out among departing passengers at Larnaca and Paphos airports who holidayed in Cyprus between June and September, the Cyprus News Agency said.

Six out of ten (62%) said they were fully satisfied with their overall experience ( 5 on a scale of 1 to 5), while 35% said they were satisfied (4 points on a scale of 5). Only 0.2% gave their experience a score of one or two out of five.

Visitors voiced satisfaction with the hospitality, but Cyprus scored worse as regards the built environment and recreational opportunities. This picture is similar to the results of the 2017 survey,

The reasons given for choosing Cyprus were mainly the sun and sea, the tranquillity and attractiveness of the environment, the hospitality, the food and culture. The survey showed that a significant share were return visitors (28%) while 24% came at the recommendation of friends or family,

Of the visitors surveyed,  95.8% stayed exclusively in the government controlled areas, 2.2% exclusively in the Turkish occupied areas and 2.0% in both. The corresponding figures for the 2017 summer survey were 94.5%, 3.5% and 1.9%.

Of those who opted to stay in the north. the largest share was among German visitors (6.7%) compared to the 2017 survey which showed it was visitors from Israel (10.0%) and the UK (5.8%) who stayed in the north.

Three out of four visitors stayed in licensed hotels or holiday apartments (compared to seven out 10 in 2017). Nearly 10% (9.9% stayed in rented villas or flats (14.6% in 2017) while 3.7% said they stayed at Airbnb type accommodation, the same percentage as in 2017.

Of those who stayed at hotels and organised tourist apartments, 25% chose all inclusive accommodation, the same levels as in 2017. Visitors from Scandinavia were most likely to choose all inclusive accommodation (25%)  and those from Greece the least likely(2%).

Of those surveyed, 85% said Cyprus was their first choice for holidays, while 15% said their choice had been another country (of whom 28% said Greece, 14% Spain, 10%, Turkey , 9% Italy and smaller percentages cited other destinations).

Asked whether on a scale of 10 they would recommend Cyprus for holidays, 89%  gave it a score of 8, 9 or 10. The number was highest among Britons at 94%.

Asked whether they may return in the next three to four years, 92% said possible yes/certainly yes. The rate was highest among Russian visitors (96%) and lowest among Scandinavian tourists (83%).

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