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Supreme Courts adds 5 years to jail term of father convicted of killing son

The Supreme Court on Friday added five years to the 10 year jail term imposed on Timoleon Themistocleous by the Limassol Criminal Court for the manslaughter of  his 19 year old son Odysseas in Paramytha in October 2015.

The Limassol Criminal Court had sentenced him to 10 years in jail, after taking into consideration that he was 73 years old.

Themistocleous appealed the conviction saying he was innocent, while prosecutor Andeas Aristides appealed the jail sentence saying it was inadequate.

The Supreme Court rejected the defendant’s appeal. It also accepted the appeal from the prosecution, agreeing with the argument that there had been no provocation and that the defendant had intended to kill the young man, his son, over a minor issue.

The Supreme Court said the crime was abhorrent and had cost the life of a 19 year old. It also constituted a stark case of family violence with the father shooting his son from close up because he would not return the car keys.

The defendant had shown no remorse, but had instead tried to shift the blame to his other son and then to his estranged wife.

The Supreme Court increased the sentence to 15 years taking into consideration the fact if it remained at 10 years the convicted father would be able apply for parole well before the 10 years are up.


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