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Sunny day close to 30 but showers on mountains, as high pressure persists


A high pressure system continues to affect the island, but will gradually be giving way to low pressure early Monday.

Clear skies today in most areas, but it will turn heavily overcast in northern coastal regions and the mountains, possibly bringing isolated showers.

Winds will initially be light variable, turning mainly light southeasterly to southwesterly in the afternoon, and locally moderate force three to four, over slight seas in western and northern coastal areas and calm to slight in the rest of the coastal regions.

Temperatures will rise to around 27 degrees Celsius inland, the southeastern and northern coastal areas, 25  in  the rest of the coasts and 15 on the highest reaches of the Troodos mountains.

Fine this evening, with thin mist and low cloud expected to form in the east and certain inland areas at dawn.

Winds will be northwesterly to northeasterly and in northern coastal regions, light force three, over calm to slight seas.

Temperatures will drop to 10 degrees Celsius inland, 16 in the west and north, 15 on the south and east coasts and 9 over the mountains.

Sunny conditions are expected over the next couple of days, with high cloud forming in some regions and thin mist or low cloud in certain areas at dawn.

On Tuesday the outlook changes, with overcast skies expected to bring isolated showers and possibly storms, initially in the west and gradually across the island.

Temperatures will remain much higher than the seasonal average.

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