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Sunday elections under strict health protocols, mobile polling stations for COVID patients

Sunday parliamentary elections will take place under strict health protocols while mobile polling stations will operate for patients with COVID-19.

In statements on Friday, Chief Returning Officer Costas Constantinou said that the number of ballots printed amount to 600,000, adding that the total number of registered voters amounts to 557,589, which is by 14,674 higher than in the 2016 parliamentary elections and is the largest electorate Cyprus has ever had in national elections.

The constituency with the most voters is Nicosia with 196,194 voters, followed by Limassol with 115,002, Famagusta with 114,194, Larnaka with 58,333, Pafos with 45,050 and Kyrenia with 28,816 voters. Female voters are 283,032 (50.76%) and male 274,557 (49.24%). Also, 14.73% of voters are under 30 years old and 18.55% are over 70 years old.

The number of polling stations rises to 1,176, of which 1,166 will operate in Cyprus, 4 will operate in Athens, 2 in Thessaloniki and 4 in London.

Enclaved Greek Cypriots will also cross to the government controlled areas to cast their vote.

Turkish Cypriot voters amount to 712 and they will cast their vote in polling stations, together with Greek Cypriot voters, based on their place of residence and registration in the electoral roll. Detained will also be able to vote.

Regarding voters who are confirmed COVID-19 cases and therefore cannot go to the polls to exercise their right, they can instead, if they wish so, submit an application until 1800 today ( to register in a special voting list for their right to vote at their place of usual residence or at their place of hospitalization.

Replying to questions, Constantinou said that applications from COVID-19 patients continue to be submitted. Until now, he said, their number reaches around 80 applications.

The number of candidates reaches 658 for 56 seats in the House of Representatives. Out of the 658 candidates, 160 are women, (24.31%). In comparison, during the last parliamentary elections in 2016, the number of candidates was 493 and included 108 women ( 21.90%).

There are two candidates for the position in the Parliament for a Representative of the Maronites and three candidates for the Latins. The representative of the Armenians has been elected without a rival candidate.

Voting hours in Cyprus and Greece are from 7.00 am until 6.00 pm, with an hour break, between 12.00 pm – 1.00 pm, while for polling stations in the United Kingdom, voting hours are from 8.00 am. until 4.00 pm, with a break between 12.00 pm – 12.30 pm, local time, so that the polls close at the same time everywhere.

The counting of votes will take place in the polling stations, immediately after the end of the voting. First results are expected to be announced before 7 pm on Sunday.

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