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Summer period expected to be difficult for fires

Fire Service spokesman Andreas Kettis said that the summer period is expected to be difficult regarding fires, adding that timely information and the contribution of everyone is necessary.

In an interview with the Cyprus News Agency, he referred to the increase of urban and the reduction of rural fires, spoke about two state-of-the-art drones that the Fire Service now has and for the additional manning of the body scheduled. Regarding the purchase of aircraft, he said that “super efforts are taking place.”

He pointed out that due to the climate change there are always fires now due to the extreme weather phenomena and so the Service must be prepared during the whole year.

He also said that during last year, the Fire Service had 12,333 class for fires, also including some false calls. He noted that the main cause of fire is human activities by 92-93%.

Asked about the involvement of people in arson and whether the culprits are usually found, he answered that even though this is difficult, some of them have been spotted and went to court.

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