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High school students not to attend two teaching periods in protest

Organised parents associations in Cyprus have backed the high school students’ decision not to attend Friday’s fifth and sixth teaching periods in protest over the continued lack of air conditioning in classes.

“We consider students’ complaints about the lack of air conditioning but also about the discomfort created by the constant use of a mask in very hot classrooms justified and rightly demand that this measure is somewhat relaxed,” parents associations said in a statement.

“As parents, we demand that our children attend schools in conditions that won’t endanger their health. It is unthinkable to record daily cases of fainting, whether people want to admit it or not”.

The parents also expect students to observe all the appropriate health measures for their own health and safety during their protest.

And that the protest will be conducted in a civilised manner that will not create any problems at schools.

At the same time, they call on the principals and teachers of schools to support this effort and to let the children abstain from lessons to protest over what should be a given, that is the improvement of the quality of life of both students and teachers within their school.

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