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Stong wall of Covid-19 herd immunity seems to have been built in Cyprus

A strong wall of herd immunity to the coronavirus seems to have been built in Cyprus, epidemiologist Dr Michalis Voniatis told Philenews.

This is evident from the declining trend of coronavirus cases and the rate of positivity in recent days, combined with the increase in the vaccination rate in the general population.

As well as the number of citizens who are already infected and have been sick with Covid-19, he added.

According to relevant data on the spread of the “Omicron” variant in the community over the past couple of weeks it seems that the pandemic is entering a declining course.

Specifically, over 100,000 people have been infected and ailed since October, that is, a percentage of around 11% of the population.

At the same time, the percentage of positivity is just over 2% combined with the case reproduction index which in the last week is below 1%.

Combined with the percentage of vaccinations in the general population which exceeds 70% but also from the immunity that has been established in the community the data allows experts to look forward to an imminent relief from this health crisis.


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