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Teachers strongly concerned over schools opening in September

Teachers in Cyprus are expressing strong concern and reservations over the opening of schools early in September in view of the continued spread of the novel covid-19 virus.

After Wednesday’s meeting with the Minister of Education, representatives of  primary, secondary and kindergarten teachers told Philenews that there is a lot to be done before schools can open safely.

In fact, they argued that technical support has been left to be done the very last minute, in addition to serious educational issues still pending.

In particular, general secretary of the Pancyprian Greek Teachers Organisation (POED) Haris Charalambous expressed dissatisfaction with what was said in the briefing.

“The Ministry presented to us ideas and ways in which schools should reopen…it wants all students in attendance but this creates several different possible scenarios,” he said.

“We have expressed the desire for all children to attend school normally yes, but, in a way that is safe both for them and for the teachers,” he added.

As for general secretary of the Secondary School Teachers Association (OELMEK) Constantinos Constantinou, he expressed reservations especially for distance learning and rotational education.

As well as on whether schools are indeed ready to reopen under the prevailing circumstances.

He also stressed that there are problems with the curricula and therefore with the exams scheduled every four months.

Teachers’ disagreement on the much-disputed issue of cameras being installed in classrooms was also highlighted during the meeting.

“Ideally, smaller classes should be created and teaching should be done with all students being physically present in class. Whichever distance learning scenario is chosen, there will be problems”, Constantinou also said.


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