NewsLocalStrike action looms in public schools as talks collapse

Strike action looms in public schools as talks collapse

The new school year hangs in the balance after teachers unions on Thursday rejected a letter from the Education Minister as unacceptable — effectively ending talks aimed at findinga way out of an impasse over new staffing rules.

After a joint meeting, the teachers unions said the minister’s reply to their proposals was “provocatively unacceptable.” They said that the letter left no room for agreement with the minister who the unions said was dogmatically sticking to his original positions.

“It is incomprehensible that all the alternative proposals made by the teachers unions should be rejected. Proposals which were submitted to set off measures unilaterally decided by the Council of Ministers,” they said.

They said the letter left them no option but to activate decisions taken on July 23 which include a protest march on August 28 and a possible indefinite strike.

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