NewsLocalStray female pit bull saved from euthanasia the very last minute

Stray female pit bull saved from euthanasia the very last minute

A female pit bull in a Limassol stray dogs shelter was saved from euthanasia the very last minute at the intervention of the coastal city’s Municipality.

The intervention came after a storm of protests in social media and not only  was raised after the island’s Animal Party had publicized the issue, Philenews also reports.

The issue took such dimensions that mayor Nikos Nicolaides has also called for an investigation into the incident as well as an internal inquiry into how such a decision was taken.

At the same time, Nicolaides slammed the condemned the Veterinary Service officer who had taken the euthanasia decision.

He said the Municipality’s standing policy is that all efforts should be exerted for stray dogs to get new owners and not to promote euthanasia unless the animal develops health issues.

Several questions are raised, however, over the arbitrary ways in which certain officers act, the report also said.

Following the revocation of the decision, the Animal Party on Thursday issued a new statement expressing satisfaction that the Limassol Mayor has acted promptly to prevent the dog’s euthanasia.

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