NewsLocalStill no punitive action in the case of serial killer Metaxas

Still no punitive action in the case of serial killer Metaxas

Eight months after the Legal Service decided that there are disciplinary responsibilities for members of the Police, involved in the investigation of missing women, victims of serial killer Metaxas, the process has not even begun yet.

In a letter to the Independent Authority Investigating Claims and Complaints against the Police, the Chief of Police requested clarifications so that he would refer the policemen involved to disciplinary proceedings. It is reminded that on 14 June 2021, the Legal Service referred to 15 policemen involved in the disciplinary offences, so the verdict was sent back to the Authority to clarify which policemen were involved.

Metaxas is currently serving seven life sentences after pleading guilty to the gruesome murder of five women and two children over a period of two years.

Several of the victims had been reported missing by friends or relatives who said police had failed to properly follow up on their concerns – leaving Metaxas to continue to prey on unsuspecting victims.

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