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State services disagree on prison mobile phone system

A paper war has broken out between the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services (DEMS) and the Central Prisons regarding the upgrading of the prisons’ mobile phone deactivation system.

On the one hand, DEMS is directly accusing the Prisons’ administration that it did not allow its crew to begin the system’s upgrade while, on the other hand, the Prison’s administration replied that it did not prevent any crew and wondered why DEMS had not attempted to upgrade the system before and only did so after the Auditor General’s report.

In an announcement, DEMS noted that the relevant equipment for the upgrading of the prison’s system was received on 9/8/22 however, no permission has been granted by the prisons to the contractors so far to enter the area, despite efforts to satisfy all requests demanded by the prison’s administration.

In reply, the Prison officials noted that the reason the upgrading did not start was that the contractors arrived early but the relevant coordinator from DEMS who was going to bring the equipment came three hours later when the contractors had already left. The Prisons officials also pointed out that they have never refused entry to the contractors.

In a new announcement, DEMS replied that both the contractors and its representative will start work in the prison today.

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