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State pays 150 euros daily for “Kaiti 2” boat of former President Clerides

Taxpayers are asked to pay through the Deputy Ministry of Tourism €150 per day or €4,500 per month for the custody/stay of the boat “Kaiti 2,” which belonged to the former President of the Republic, Glafkos Clerides, Phileleftheros reported citing information.

According to the same information, the above amount is charged by the company that took over the management of Larnaca Marina on 1 April 2022. Previously, the marina was owned by the state, whereupon no issue was raised of paying any amount for the fact that the boat was in the marina area.

Considering that almost 11 months have passed since April 2022, it means that the cost of the vessel’s stay in the marina already amounts to €50,000.

To the extent that the above is true, the Deputy Ministry of Tourism remains exposed for not handling the matter in a way to avoid such high claims. It should be noted that when the agreement was concluded with the private marina manager, no provision was made to exempt the state from paying any amount for “Kaiti 2,” nor were any measures taken to remove it from the marina and transfer it to state property so that no amount could be claimed.

Phileleftheros attempted yesterday to obtain correct information from the Deputy Ministry, which noted that the Ministry has no knowledge of any amount pending regarding the vessel adding that “the Council of Ministers has approved the sale of the vessel to a specific buyer. The buyer has informed the Ministry that it is taking the necessary steps to move the vessel to a specific location of his choice.”

However, no details have been provided either about the sale of the boat or about the pending fees.

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