NewsLocalSpiking meat prices on the cards following war in Ukraine

Spiking meat prices on the cards following war in Ukraine

Apart from the humanitarian crisis the war in Ukraine has sparked another major consequence affecting Cypriots and Europeans at large and this is the spiking food prices – especially that of meat.

This is what Philenews reported on Friday, adding that animal breeders who are already crying out for help since 70% of production cost depends on animal feed prices.

The market has already been affected with the price of pork this week going up by 10% while an additional 10% rise is expected next week.

The government is reviewing support measures for animal breeders as traders of chicken products are also expected to announce a 20% price hike.

At the same time, sheep and goat farmers are also increasing the price by 10% with insiders saying these hikes are probably just the beginning. And that a tsunami of increases is on the cards.

Also of concern for animal breeders is the stat of play of  tourism this year since restaurants and leisure centers could be significantly affected and this will be a blow for all concerned.

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