NewsLocalSpike in snake presence in cities due to lockdown (video)

Spike in snake presence in cities due to lockdown (video)

‘Snake whisperer’ Yiannis Angeli told philenews that he receives dozens of phone calls on a daily basis to remove snakes from land plots adjacent to homes and warns citizens moving in neighbourhoods for exercise to be particularly careful as there is a spike in snake presence in urban roads and fields in recent days.

Angeli explained that due to the quiet in the streets as a result of Covid lockdown measures, there are no vibrations that drive snakes away. Increased snake presence is also boosted by this year’s rainfall, the sharp rise in temperature and the fact that we are going through the mating period for snakes.

Angeli also called on Municipalities to imminently clean urban fields as well as private plots from weeds, as the snake and rodent situation is out of control.

He also said that in addition to snakes, the presence of weasels, rats and mosquitoes is particularly high at this time. Angeli advises citizens to clean their gardens, maintain good lighting and to spray where and when needed.

Watch below a video of Angelis responding to a call to remove a viper outside a home on Friday:

Big viper

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