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Speed camera operators quit job after repetitious attacks against vans

The profession of a speed camera operator in Cyprus appears to have become quite dangerous with one reported attack incident after another, according to Philenews.

As a matter of fact, employers of camera operators find it hard to replace staff who quit because of incidents which endanger their lives.

And following the latest one – on Sunday morning – an emergency meeting was held at the island’s Police headquarters with the participation of representatives from the Electromechanical Service and the contractor company.

Insiders said they have decided to take additional measures aiming to both prevent and suppress the phenomenon. And that the Police will intensify efforts to find the perpetrators while increasing security near traffic camera vans.

The latest incident occurred when a worker, who was alone in the vehicle, was carrying out speed checks on the Kandou – Omodos road in Limassol district.

He testified to the police that at 2.10 a.m. a group of six hooded men attacked him causing extensive damage to the vehicle. Other incidents included hooded men breaking the driver’s side window and throwing rocks at the vehicle, injuring him in the head before he managed to get away.

Similar incidents have taken place in the past, some with damages and injuries, including shots fired.

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