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Special police units to start patrolling popular tourist areas in Cyprus

Lawless and offensive acts will soon be dealt with by special police units patrolling tourist areas during the peak season, the Deputy Minister of Tourism has said.

Actions which give Cyprus a bad name will hopefully become a thing of the past, Savvas Perdios also told Famagusta district hoteliers over the weekend.

Perdios also referred to legislative and other regulations now in process in a bid to give an end to long-standing problems such as noise and visual pollution and inadequate policing.

A strong police presence would give Cyprus’ tourism a new momentum, according to the deputy minister.

Perdios also talked about plans for the classification of beaches through a star system and to actions already taken on the branding of Cyprus’ tourism product.

As for the head of the coastal district’s hoteliers association Doros Takas, he made a point to welcome the first year of operation of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

He also expressed the belief that fundamental and immediate solutions to the tourism industry’s weaknesses and problems, such as seasonality, will be recorded through an enriched tourism product to be marketed.

“We all support the strategic choice for standards to rise high, we are all by the side of Savvas Perdios in efforts to achieve this goal and we strongly believe that hard work will deliver much-needed positive results,” Takas said.


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