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Speaker says House will support UNECE’s proposal for Cyprus to host 2021 summit

President of the House of Representatives, Demitris Syllouris, said that the House is particularly sensitive to issues regarding sustainable development and the environment in general and would back hosting a UNECE summit.

A press release of the House of Representatives said Syllouris met on Thursday with Marco Keiner and Zaal Lomtadze, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) officials, in the presence of Dr. Adamos Adamou, Chairman of the House Standing Committee on the Environment.

The two officials are in Cyprus as envoys of UNECE Executive Secretary Olga Algareyova, to officially ask Cyprus to host the 2021 summit entitled “Environment for Europe”.

Keiner briefed the House President on UNECE’s work, particularly with regard to the Environment for Europe Initiative, which aims to integrate the environmental component into all the different areas so that economic development abides by the principles and values ​​of sustainable development.

He also asked for the House to support UNECE`s proposal to the Cyprus Government to hold the summit which stems, as they said, from Cyprus`s activity in the field of Education for Sustainable Development, noting that the planning and initiatives promoted by Cyprus have been established internationally as an example of reference and good practice.

They also said that hosting the summit will offer the opportunity to further exploit the special cooperation that Cyprus has developed with neighboring countries, contributing to the effective promotion of the goals of sustainable development.

The House Speaker assured the two officials of the Parliament’s support towards this initiative.

Adamou assured that the members of the House Standing Parliamentary Committee on the Environment and all Members will constructively contribute to the goal.

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