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Sources predict measures across Cyprus to contain pandemic

The most likely scenario on measures to contain the pandemic of Covid-19, expected to be decided at a meeting, on Friday, of the scientific advisory team on the pandemic, chaired by Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades, is that they will apply across Cyprus, sources have told CNA. At the same time a Pafos district lockdown which has been imposed for the past two weeks will be lifted following improved recent data on the district’s epidemiological situation. A Limassol district lockdown is expected to continue due to an increase in recorded cases with a gradual relaxation of measures.

According to the same sources it is expected that additional measures will be imposed across Cyprus, apart from Limassol which is already under lockdown. The lockdown in Limassol is likely to continue to be in place for one more week with a gradual relaxation of measures.

The latest data from tests across Cyprus, which will be announced later today, are expected to be crucial in the decision-making process tomorrow, as before decisions are made, the right conclusions must be drawn on the epidemiological situation of every district, the sources have said.

Minister of Health Constantinos Ioannou is expected on Friday to present two different sets of measures; A stricter one for the period before the Christmas holidays and a more relaxed one which will be in place from December 23, 2020 until January 6, 2021.

Measures across Cyprus which are under consideration include schools closing earlier and the continuation of classes remotely. However, it has not been decided whether such a decision would be made regarding all levels of education.

In the meantime, it is likely that that an evening curfew, a limit in the number of people gathering together in households and an earlier closing time on restaurants and other establishments offering food will continue to be in place.

Stricter measures to contain the pandemic have been in place across Cyprus, including two local lockdowns affecting Limassol and Pafos districts since November 12 after a second wave of Covid-19 cases hit the country in October.


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