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Some14,000 Ukrainian refugees in Cyprus, only about 6,000 apply for temporary protection status

The number of Ukrainians fleeing to Cyprus from their war-torn country is now estimated at about 14,000 but only about 6,000 have applied for Temporary Protection status so far.

This is what Philenews reported on Thursday citing official sources.

Temporary Protection status is part of special measures introduced by the EU and promptly adopted by Cyprus to provide rapid assistance to those seeking sanctuary from the Ukrainian war zone.

It allows Ukrainian refugees to obtain immediate assistance upon entering the country.  They are also granted benefits such as the right to work, to education, and to medical care. Special provisions have also been put in place for the protection of unaccompanied minors.

Philenews also reported that the estimated number of 14,000 Ukrainians does not include the couple of thousands of their compatriots who live permanently in Cyprus.

And that a large number of refugees who arrived in Cyprus do not seek housing from the state, but live temporarily with relatives or friends who were here before the war.

Also, some hundreds of refugees have begun to leave Cyprus either for another destination or to return near the border with Ukraine expecting that at some point the Russian invasion will end and the weapons will cease.

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