NewsLocalSome doctors in Cyprus believe abortions are illegal

Some doctors in Cyprus believe abortions are illegal

Women in Cyprus faced the refusal of doctors at state hospitals when they went to them for an abortion in 2020, because the doctors considered abortions illegal, even though they had been legalized in 2018, Maria Epaminonda, Executive Director at Cyprus Family Planning Association, revealed.

She said that the State Health Services Organization (OKYPY) has sent a memo to all state hospitals but even today there are doctors in both the public and private sector who refuse this right to women.

Maria Epaminonda was speaking during a meeting of the House Human Rights Committee on safeguarding women’s sexual and reproductive rights.

OKYPY representative Agni Sialarou added that sometimes there is resistance from OKYPY doctors and mentioned that recently a group of anesthesiologist sent a letter stating that due to religious beliefs they refuse to give anesthetic in case of abortions.

Maria Epaminonda also referred to the case of a minor who went to the non-government-controlled areas to have an abortion.

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