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Solar heater subsidy scheme launched


The RES and Energy Conservation Fund is accepting applications for a scheme subsidising  solar heaters for water at residences for 2020.

The scheme has a budget of €600,000 and is expected to cover about 2000 applications. It will be in force until October 30 or until the funds are exhausted.

It has retroactive effect for solar heaters installed after January 1, 2019.

Subsidies will be paid as follows

  • Category Α1: Complete water heating system (cylinder + panels) where the panels have solar keymark certification (subsidy € 350)
  • Category Α2: Complete water heating system (cylinder + panels) where the panels do not have solar keymark certification (subsidy € 325)
  • Category Β1: Just panels with solar keymark certification (subsidy € 175)
  • Category Β2: Just panels without solar keymark certification (subsidy € 150)

Installations at existing homes for which the building or town planning permit was submitted before 21.12. 2007 are eligible.

Applications must be submitted online only on the RES and Energy Conservation Fund website. Applicants must use the documents and procedures for the specific scheme. They are encouraged to study the scheme and guide for applications before proceeding.


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