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Small number of GPs whose salaries are reduced due to new payment method cry foul

Protests are heard now that salaries of general practitioners who are members of the General Health Scheme (Gesy) have been reduced following a change in the payment method, Phlenews reported on Thursday.

Specifically, GPs now get only 80 percent of the salary as per capita income based on the number of beneficiaries they have on their roster. And the remaining 20% of the salary is ​​based on performance indicators and quality criteria.

Naturally, the new payment method which came in effect this month has left some dissatisfied. But the number of dissatisfied ones compared to the total of Gesy’s personal doctors for adults and children is not large since it only concerns 10 percent. That is, 70 doctors in total.

A Health Insurance Organization insider told Philenews that these 70 doctors had failed to reach the goals that were set based on quality criteria and performance indicators determined.

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