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Sir Penrose to talk to CSEO audience in first out of a series of live webinars to launch today

Cyprus’ Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO), is launching today a bi-weekly series of live webinars titled “2030: SpaceWorks” with some of the leading scientists on space, astronomy, and cosmology.

Today’s premiere episode will present a legend of Cosmology – Sir Roger Penrose – the founding father of quantum gravity and a world leading expert on black holes.

Sir Penrose shared the Wolf Prize for physics with Stephen Hawking for his work on the Penrose-Hawking singularity theorems.

Penrose, will be speaking about: “Black Holes: Windows to a ‘time’ before the Big Bang?” and making an announcement of a brand-new discovery, regarding the creation of the Universe.

President of CSEO George Danos said that in the next decades, space exploration is set to grow in a profound way.

Danos added that already space activities are visibly gearing up to an impressive level with the private sector starting to take a much more prominent role.

SpaceWorks will continue the series of webinars with a journey to the Moon and Mars and will ask questions on Life in the Universe, protecting our planet, finding resources on asteroids and exploring our solar system and beyond, thus expanding our knowledge and learning how to apply this knowledge to improve life on Earth and protecting our Earth’s fragile ecosystem.

CSEO’s ‘2030: SpaceWorks’ website is:

These webinars will be broadcast online for free and are expected to reach tens of thousands of viewers globally.


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