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Simple test to diagnose flu from COVID-19

Public hospitals are getting ready for the period when seasonal flu and COVID-19 will coexist since despite international views that flu percentages would be reduced due to protection measures against COVID, the problems still exist.

“There are symptoms that might direct the doctor toward the one or the other disease,” Professor Constantinos Tsioutis, head of the advisory committee said. He added, however, that from the moment the two cases have common symptoms it is not easy to separate them.

He noted that updated guidance has been sent to doctors.

Charalambos Charilaou, spokesman of the State Health Services Organization (OKYpY) said that hospitals have already been supplied with special equipment, already used abroad and which with only one laboratory test, can detect coronavirus, Influenza A and Influenza B.

This means that when a patients goes to a hospital with symptoms similar to both COVID-19 and flu, he will have the said test to know exactly what is the problem.


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