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Sigma journalist suspended following sexual harassment complaint


A female journalist filed an official sexual harassment complaint to police against a male former colleague at Sigma TV, more than a year after he was let go when the woman notified the station of untoward sexual advances.

The journalist testified to police last week over a series of events that occurred in 2020, when she was employed by Dias Group.

Police spokesperson Christos Andreou confirmed that a complaint had been made and an investigation launched, with several people called for testimony.
Both the suspect as well as Sigma personnel will be called in the coming days.
The station said in a statement it had suspended the journalist with immediate effect after being notified that an official complaint had been made, so that investigators ‘could continue their work without obstacles’.
Commenting on criticism about the journalist being rehired, Sigma said that a year after the incident, the journalist applied for a position. He was rehired on his professional merits, as the station says, and the fact that they were no pending charges against him ‘by any woman’.


According to Sigma, around a year and a half ago, the female journalist brought to the attention of the station a series of texts which she believed to be crossing the line of appropriate communication, as they stated sexual interest.

The male journalist was called at a meeting of station officials, including the HR and News Director, saying that the charges were malicious.

Sigma told him at the time that there was no other solution but his removal from close proximity with the woman, to which the journalist responded by quitting his post, a development that satisfied her.

About a month later, she also left the station, for reasons unrelated to the incident.

Sigma notes that throughout its long history, both the station as well the whole of the DIAS Group has shown uncompromising respect and sensitivity to the dignity, protection and equality of opportunity to their female employees.

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