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Showers, storms and snow but clear skies tomorrow as cold snap moves away


A low pressure system that has dragged out a cold snap for more than a week is moving from Cyprus tomorrow and high pressure is expected.

Clear skies over most of the island initially, but overcast in the west. Gradually though, sunny spells will give way to local showers and isolated storms in the afternoon, with snow on the highest reaches of the Troodos mountains.

Winds are expected southwesterly to northwesterly, starting out light to moderate force three to four and from noon onwards moderate to strong, force four to five, over slight to moderate seas.

Temperatures will rise to 19 degrees Celsius inland and in coastal regions and 8 on the mountains.

Isolated showers this evening in eastern coastal regions and possibly drizzle in the west. Winds will be northwesterly to northeasterly, light force three and in the east moderate force four at intervals, over slight seas.

Temperatures will drop to five degrees Celsius inland, 7 in coastal regions and zero on the mountains, where frost will form.

As the high pressure system is carried inland, clear skies are expected tomorrow and Monday, with high cloud on Tuesday.

Temperatures will keep rising, approaching the seasonal average in the next couple of days.

Snow this morning was half a meter on Troodos square and close to one meter on Mount Olympus.

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