NewsLocalShowers on Saturday, weather to clear on Sunday

Showers on Saturday, weather to clear on Sunday

Saturday will be mainly cloudy with local showers and isolated thunderstorms as low pressure centered on Turkey affects the area. In the higher Troodos peaks there will be snow at intervals.

Temperatures will rise to 15 C inland and on the east and south coasts, around 17 C on the west and north coasts and 5 C in the mountains while winds will be strong.

Tonight will be partly cloudy with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms and snow or sleet in the mountains, Gradually the phenomena will weaken. Temperatures will fall to 5 C inland, around 9 C on the coasts and 1 C in the higher mountains where locally there will be frost.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will be mainly fine. Temperatures will rise to above the seasonal average.

The depth of snow on Troodos Square at the time of issue of the early morning weather bulletin was 39 cm.


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