NewsLocalShowers and storms continue but dust remains

Showers and storms continue but dust remains


Showers and storms will continue across the island and are expected to persist through to Tuesday. Dust will also persist however, at intervals.

Overcast skies will bring isolated showers or storms. Winds will be light to moderate southeasterly to northeasterly, force three to four, over slight seas.

Temperatures will rise to 27 degrees Celsius inland, 26 in coastal regions and 18 on the mountains.

Similar conditions this evening, with the possibility of storms in coastal regions.

Winds will be northeasterly to southeasterly and locally light northerly, turning moderate in windward regions, force three to four. Seas will be slight in windward areas and up to slight in the rest of the coastal regions.

Temperatures will drop to 15 degrees Celsius inland, 17 in coastal regions and 10 on the mountains.

A stormy weather pattern continues through to Tuesday, with isolated showers at intervals.

Overcast conditions on Wednesday, with temperatures running slightly above the average for this time of year.

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