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Shortage of masks on market, pharmacists say

There is a shortage of masks with the first stage of the easing of the lockdown, the president of the Pharmacists Association Eleni Piera told CNA on Wednesday,

“There is a lot of demand. There are few if any quantities at pharmacies and certainly not enough to satisfy demand,” she said.

She said it was essential that masks be brought to Cyprus and made available on the market.

With the first stage of easing of the lockdown, employees in shops who come into contact with the public are required by decree to wear them.

Their use is not mandatory for the general public, but has been recommended by health authorities when entering places frequented by a lot of people.

“There are some indications from importers that they may take delivery of some quantities towards the end of the week or next week but quantities will not be sufficient and will not cover the increased demand in the market,” she said.

There is currently a price ceiling for simple surgical masks of 70 cent of a euro. For those with a filter prices are between  5.75 and 7.30 euro.

She said pharmacists have nothing to do with the price and urged authorities and importers to review the issue and if necessary raise the ceiling so that more imports are possible.

She also called for information and training of the public on the proper use of masks.

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