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Shocking revelations about the Strovolos’ double murder

Shocking revelations at Nicosia District Court, where 33-year-old suspect allegedly connected to the double murder was processed.

The judge granted the police’ request for an 8 day detention. According to the police sergeant who appeared in court, the suspect faces charges for premeditated murder, conspiracy to kill, robbery, kidnapping, burglary, and abduction amongst others.

The police gave a chronological account of the events that took place during the night of the murders placing the suspect on the scene through DNA and other evidence like shoes.

According to the evidence given at court, the suspects has admitted that he has knowledge of what took place at the scene of the crime during the night of the murders and that is was plotted five years ago.

He had also recently said to a relative that soon he will become rich, police said.

Police are now searching for a second person who apparently was partner in crime.

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