NewsLocalSexual harassment of men on the rise; 50 complaints

Sexual harassment of men on the rise; 50 complaints

Approximately 50 men, including minors, have been victims of sexual harassment, of the so-called sextortion, meaning that crooks blackmailed them through social media platforms, requesting money. Some of them, even paid the money being afraid, however, they did not escape from the problem.

As an official of the Cyber Crime squad told Phileleftheros, the phenomenon has been on the rise recently. He also advised victims not to give in to blackmail.

As he said, unidentified persons create fake accounts on social media, usually pretending to be young women. Then, they approach men urging them to have a video-call during which they will both be naked. After that, the victims receive backmailing messages by the alleged girls asking for money so that they will not release the video-call they taped while the victim had no idea.

The official said that the Unit has received more than 50 complaints and this causes concern, particularly since it is the summer period and such phenomena are usually on the rise.

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