NewsLocalSeveral COVID-19 cases in slaughterhouses

Several COVID-19 cases in slaughterhouses

The Health Ministry announced that over the past few days three Veterinary Officers-Inspectors at a slaughterhouse of the Nicosia District have tested positive to COVID-19.

After the infected people were informed, the Epidemiology Supervision Unit contacted the directors of the slaughterhouse and at their initiative the whole staff was tested. The final number of confirmed cases will be known tomorrow. However, according to a first update, it seems that there are several COVID-19 cases.


Moreover, another Veterinary Officer-Inspector at a second slaughterhouse of the Nicosia District also tested positive to COVID-19. The staff will be immediately tested. The first slaughterhouse will remain closed for 48 hours for disinfection and the second one does not operate on weekends.



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