NewsLocalSerial rapist of Agia Napa arrested

Serial rapist of Agia Napa arrested

Following coordinated actions and under complete secrecy the Famagusta Police found and arrested a 22-year-old foreign national, who is seen as suspect for at least three rapes of tourists in Agia Napa.

According to philenews information, the suspect seems to have confessed, admitting three rapes so far.

From April until a few days ago, the Police had received complaints by three women who said an unidentified person had dragged and raped them in an open space in Agia Napa. From the description the victims gave, the Police realized it was the same man and started checking cameras until the man was found.

The man was taken before the Famagusta District Court which ordered his imprisonment for eight days.

The man is a 22-year-old Syrian, who arrived in Cyprus illegally and has requested political asylum.

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