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Search for bodies in lakes to continue on Sunday, if nothing is located

The search for bodies of the victims of a 35-year old self-confessed serial murderer continues at the bottom of Kokkini Limni (Red Lake), within a marked corridor, with the help of divers.

At around 15.00 on Saturday, a generator with four powerful search lights was brought to the area by a company providing support services to the search parties.

According to available information, mud is now higher than the waist of a diver.

The authorities have asked Britain to see if they can send over a special radar which can help the search in Kokkini Limni. It remains to be seen whether such a radar can actually operate in the Red Lake and in lake Memi.

Today, as the results of the analysis of the scanning of items found in lake Memi with the help of sonar equipment are expected, no search has taken place in Memi.

Search in Kokkini Limni aims to locate the body of a third woman, whom the self-confessed serial murderer has said he had thrown there, in a suitcase.

If nothing is located today, the search will continue on Sunday.

So far five bodies have been recovered – of four women and one child. Two women were found in an abandoned mine shaft, one in a dry well at Orounta firing range and one at Kokkini Limni (Red Lake), at Mitsero. A second body of an eight year old girl was also pulled from the depths of Kokkini Limni.

Authorities have been combing the lake for days using divers, a robotic camera and state of the art sonar equipment in their search for murder victims.

On Monday, the self-confessed murderer will appear again before the court for a renewal of his remand order.

A Greek Cypriot army officer who has reportedly confessed to killing five women and two children, has told police he had put the bodies of three of his victims — a mother and daughter and another woman — in suitcases and thrown them in Kokkini Limni.

Divers have recovered the bodies of the mother and daughter but are still looking for the third victim. They are also still looking for the body of a six year old girl whom the suspect said he had thrown into a lake at Xyliatou.

The case has shocked public opinion and led to the resignation of the Justice Minister and the sacking of the police chief. An independent inquiry is underway as to how police handled the case of women and children reported missing and later found to be dead. Critics say that had police properly investigated the disappearances then lives could have been saved.

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