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Scotland Yard coroner set to return to Cyprus

Scotland Yard coroner Andreas Marnerides is set to return to Cyprus to carry out a post-mortem examination on the body found in a suitcase, believed to belong to 8-year old Elena Natalia Bunea, daughter of Livia Florentina Bunea, both from Romania, according to Philenews.

A self-confessed serial killer, currently under police custody, has told police that he killed both mother and daughter, put them in suitcases and threw them in Kokkini Limni (Red Lake) in Mitsero.

The body of the 8-year old was found in a suitcase last Sunday. A body recovered on Sunday 28th April, is believed to be that of her mother, Livia.

Search parties continue for the 29th  day their arduous task to locate the rest of the victims of a self-confessed serial killer.

At Kokkini Limni (Red Lake) divers were expected to continue their battle against the mud to find the third suitcase, where the alleged killer has admitted hiding the body of a woman.

If the suitcase is not located by Monday, two divers will work at the same time as the support company has now secured another two uniforms, suitable for this kind of a job.

The diver’s job is made more difficult because of the mud on the bed of the lake. During yesterday’s search visibility at the bottom of the lake was nil and divers were using their hands to search.




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