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Scientists concerned about variant Delta Plus

Amalia Hadjiyianni, Scientific Director of the Famagusta and Larnaca hospitals, expressed her satisfaction with the vaccination program in Cyprus, since high levels of immunity have already been achieved. Regarding recent discussions about a possible third booster dose, she said that all vaccinations need to be repeated, even the ones we have at a young age.

Hadjiyianni said that “currently there are 42 patients at the Reference Hospital, including six in the Increased Care Unit. The youngest patient is 31 years old and the oldest is 89. The patients’ median age is 56 years.”

In reply to a relevant question, Hadjiyianni said that scientists all over the world are concerned about the issue of the radical increase of confirmed cases not only of Covid-19 variant Delta but also due to the new variant Delta Plus.

Despite the fact that the effectiveness o the vaccines is being reduced as time passes, we have to think how many people would have been seriously ill and would possibly die if they had not been vaccinated.

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