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Scientist says danger of a third COVID-19 wave exists

The danger of a third COVID-19 wave exists, said Petros Karagiannis, Professor of Microbiology/Molecular Virology at the University of Nicosia’s Medical School.

Karagiannis added that what creates uncertainty is the possibility of spreading of the mutant strains, something that will become evident in the course.

Regarding yesterday’s results of confirmed cases, he noted that they are encouraging since it is second time we had a two-digit number. He said we are now in the second week following the relaxations and we are waiting until the end of this week to see whether there has been a problem due to these relaxations.

If there is no problem then we can proceed with further relaxations.

The professor expressed the view that the situation will improve as we proceed during the spring and summer months when the weather will permit us to avoid closed areas. The increased of the percentage of vaccinated persons will also help.

On this issue, he said that vaccinations proceed quickly and all doses that arrive to Cyprus are being distributed.


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