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Scientist: Cases to spike up, youngsters need to get their vaccines

Covid cases will spike up the next days and the youth need to get inoculated to protect themselves and those around them, member of the advisory scientific committee, professor Petros Karayiannis told the Cyprus News Agency.

Dr. Karayiannis said that the rise in the cases the previous days leaves no room for optimism adding that there are citizens who might have been contacts or have symptoms and haven`t been tested so far and therefore this is an indication that the numbers will go up the next days.

He said that the youth need to understand that with their behaviour and recklessness they jeopardize all the efforts so far to tackle the pandemic. Dr. Karayiannis said that in the past the outbreaks could be handled with measures but now everything is open, the checks are not sufficient, people have active social lives and this leads to clusters.

Replying to a question about new measures he said that he cannot say what the Cabinet will decide tomorrow adding that measures are not yet announced as the authorities want to give time to inoculations. He noted however that the older ages have concluded their vaccinations but younger ones with more active social lives do not get their vaccines and this is why we need to appeal to these ages.

Professor Karayiannis called on everyone to be responsible and understand how serious the situation is, adding that we need to show common sense otherwise things by September will not improve.

He urged young people to show a negative test if they visit crowded places and to follow the self protective measures.

Dr. Karayiannis said that if we do not step up the inoculation program by September we will be faced with frequent outbreaks. He said that if we go over the 50% of the inoculations in younger ages we will have adequate coverage and we can have a shield against the virus.

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