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Schools to open with rapid test units and walk-in

During a meeting today, Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou informed the representatives of the students about the beginning of the school year, noting that due to the fact that the pandemic continues and has mutated into a more aggressive form, we must remain alert.

Briefing the attendees about the Health Protocol, the Minister said that SafePass will be needed in all areas of the school where there is a large number of people. He also said that specialists of the pandemic will visit schools to inform children about the benefits of the vaccination and there will be walk-in units for the students who will want to be vaccinated.

He also clarified that the tours of the mobile units for free Rapid tests will continue.

Furthermore, he informed about the conduct of a scientific research in all schools about possible psycho-emotional consequences due to the pandemic which will take place in cooperation with a special committee of psychologists and other social scientists.

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