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Schools shutting down due to Covid left more than half of youth unhappy

More than half of the country’s youth were far from happy when schools in Cyprus had to shut down because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In fact, a study carried out by the Ministry of Health’s scientific committee in coordination with the Pedagogical Institute shows that 57.7% of children and teenagers said they were not happy during those times.

And that they only felt happy in short intervals, specifically when busy with their mobile phones and active on social media, Philenews reported on Tuesday.

The research also showed that of the students who answered the relevant questionnaire 91.50% had been diagnosed with coronavirus.

And that 56.70% have been vaccinated with the students themselves saying they did it to protect other members of their family but also so as not to get sick themselves.

Also, so as to be able to move freely in different places, avoid frequent rapid tests and to contribute towards the protection of other members of society as well.

Moreover, 61.40% of these students said they had been infected with coronavirus along with a member of their family.

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