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Schools close only if we say so, Prodromou notes


Five hundred pupils have missed classes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, said education minister Prodromos Prodromou, making clear that there was no need for panic or unilateral actions, a swipe at a decision by Polis Chrysochous local authorities to close down their schools due to a rise of cases in the area.

Prodromou made clear that the Education Ministry is the only institution with the authority to close down schools or suspend their operations. He further assured that all relevant protocols and measures were being followed in all state educational institutions.

The Education minister said that many out of the 500 pupils who have been absent from classes, either as confirmed covid cases or close contacts, have since returned to school.

On pupils in self-isolation, Prodromou reiterated that schools are obliged to support them through distance learning and the ministry is supporting this effort since day one.

He further stressed that the rise in the number of cases over the past few days, has led to additional measures in schools, such as creating a covid-19 cases management group in order to prevent unilateral decisions to shut down units, such as the ones in Polis Chrysochous.

The minister advised against panic and underlined the need to adhere to all protection measures.

In addition, he advised against annual trips to mountain resorts organised by pupils themselves around this time of year, adding that police will be intensifying checks.

He further said it would be preferable to keep children out of afternoon activities, more so crowded ones.

The Education minister made clear that no one will be allowed on a school bus or any classroom without their mask.

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