NewsLocalSchool security guard jailed for sexually exploiting minors

School security guard jailed for sexually exploiting minors

Nicosia Criminal Court on Thursday sentenced a school security guard to four years in prison after finding him guilty of sexually exploiting minors, posession of child pornography and child grooming. It also banned him for life from working in places frequented by children. The trial was held behind closed doors.

The 28 year old defendant had taken advantage of his access to pupils at an upper secondary school in the Nicosia district to set a trap for five of them (four were aged 17-18 and one was 16-17).

He tricked them by creating a false Facebook account with a woman’s name and sent a number of messages on Messenger encouraging them to send back photos of themselves in the nude as well as videos. He then told them the account belonged to a young woman who collected naked photos on her phone and that this would help police arrest her. And he told them they would receive an award for their action.

The deception came to light when one of the pupils noticed that the e-signature of the accused was similar to that of the purported owner of the account.

The accused was arrested and immediately admited to the crime.

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