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Scenarios about relaxations of COVID measures

During tomorrow’s meeting at the Presidential Palace, the suggestions of the scientists and the Health Ministry about relations of the COVID-19 restrictive measures will be careful and gradual de-escalation but adjusted more to the needs of the citizens and to the country’s economy.

The most possible date for the re-opening of restaurants will be the 15th March, however, given that the 2-14 March is the Carnival period, it is possible that pressure by businessmen will increase, even though some scientists believe that restaurants should remain closed for longer.

Regarding schools, things are not certain yet.

As far as the other relaxations that will be implemented as of 1st March, these will refer to theaters, cinemas, gyms, dancing schools, afternoon lessons and possible opening of outdoor areas.

Moreover, it is possible that despite the relaxations the citizens will still have to send SMS to 8998 and that the curfew after 2100 will also remain.

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