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Scammer posing as doctor cons woman out of 55 thousand euro


Phone scammers pretending to be doctors and conning people into giving them money needed to supposedly perform emergency surgery on their relatives, have upped their game, police warns, following the latest incident, with a man posing as a surgeon getting away with almost 60 thousand euro from an 83 year old woman under false pretences.

According to the latest complaint from the Nicosia resident, she received a phonecall yesterday afternoon on her landline, with an unknown man, speaking in mainland Greek accent and pretending to be a doctor, informing her that her daughter has suffered a leg injury and required money for immediate surgery.

She was asked to pay the unknown scammer 70 thousand euro, with the man also asking her husband to take the amount to the hospital. which he did. This was a way of getting her husband out of the house, with the scammer then appearing outside her home, where the woman handed him 55 thousand euro in cash.

According to a description provided by the victim, the scammer is 1,75 tall, of strong build, wearing a beige jacket, a red shawl and long sightedness glasses at the time. He fled the scene on foot.

Following the latest incident, police have appealed to the public to be vigilant and not just hand over money to unknown individuals. If they do spot a scammer, they should contact the nearest police station, the district CIDs or the citizen’s line at 1460.

Over the past few days, authorities have received numerous complaints by pensioners of receiving calls from men pretending to be doctors and asking them for money needed by their sick relatives for medical expenses.

In certain cases, they are calling from undisclosed numbers and asking the potential victims not to interrupt the call so they can’t call police or their relatives to confirm.

Scammers also pretend to be police officers and ask money for relatives of the victims supposedly injured in road accidents.


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