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SBA authorities rescue dog from edge of Zapalo cliffs (PHOTOS)

The SBA Police have confirmed that a dog rescued from the cliffs in the Zapalo area last Saturday has now been handed over to Hope for Homeless, a Nicosia-based dog welfare association.

A day-long joint operation between the police and Defence Fire Rescue, was launched after the stranded dog was spotted abandoned on the edge of the cliffs by a walker.

With a clear threat to the animal’s life, police Inspector Lakis Hadjichristodoulou explained how the rescue mission unfolded.

He said: “The dog could not be seen but her cry could be heard, so we called the SBA Police Marine Unit to find the exact location of the dog.”

With RAF Akrotiri’s helicopter crew on stand-by, Defence Fire Rescue personnel scaled the cliff using ropes to reach the clearly shaken dog.

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DFR Area Manager, Jim Gray, who saw his Episkopi crew carry out the rescue, said: “This was a very challenging situation as a result of the location of the dog but thankfully, we have been trained for situations like these and we are delighted that the story now has a happy ending.”

After being given fresh food and water at the SBA Police station in Akrotiri and with no owner in sight, Neophytos Neophytou, a member of the Cyprus Animal Party, collected the dog and handed her over to ‘Hope for Homeless’.

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Speaking at the station on Wednesday, Neophytou was quick to express his gratitude to the Bases.

He said: “A big thank you to the British Bases authorities, the SBA Police, the Marine Unit and Defence Fire Rescue, for their superhuman efforts and risking their own lives to save this soul.

“The lucky girl will be adopted by Hope for Homeless, who will find a forever, loving home for her.”

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