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SafePass required to enter Fisheries Department offices

The Department of Fisheries and Marine Research (DFMR) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment informs the public that due to the aggravated epidemiological picture observed recently, and in order to ensure the health of both employees and those present at the DFMR offices, entry will be allowed only to persons who will present an updated SafePass, as follows:

1. Molecular or Rapid antigen test for COVID-19, with the sampling having taken place within 72 hours, or

2. Vaccination certificate for COVID-19 by the Republic, with at least one dose, and provided that three weeks have elapsed from the date of vaccination, or

3. Evidence of discharge in the case of persons that have been infected with COVID-19, and provided that no more than six months have elapsed from the initial positive result date.

The DFMR reminds that the payment of bills related to the issuance of fishing licenses and mooring of boats is processed online through JCC, a procedure recommended by the DFMR.

It is further clarified that for the issuance of a Recreational Fishing License for the first time, the following applies:

  1. Fill in the Application Form for Issuance of a Recreational Fishing License which can be found in the Application Forms section of the DFMR website.
  2. Copy of the Applicant’s Identity Card.
  3. Copy of the boat certificate, in the case of a licence for recreational fishing with a boat.
  4. Submission of the above to the email address [email protected]
  5. A response will be given within a reasonable time so that the license may then be paid online through the JCC website (
  6. After the above procedure, it will be possible to renew the license every year through JCC.

In case a citizen wishes to meet with an Officer concerning an issue other than the above, this will be possible ONLY after arranging a visit by telephone.

It is emphasized that entry to all of the offices of the Department will be allowed only with the use of a mask.

The public is requested to fully comply with the above instructions.


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