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SafePass mandatory indoors

Due to the fact that businesses/restaurants will re-open as of 1st June within the framework of the strategy for gradual restart of the economy and social activity it is reminded that a SafePass must be used in indoor places in order to secure the citizens’ as much as possible safe activities.

It is noted that in case of a check by authorized officials, people over the age of 12 to have and present a SafePass during their presence in the following:

  • Inside restaurants, coffee shops, bars etc.
  • Inside places of religious worship
  • Closed theaters, amphitheaters, cinemas and theater halls
  • Commercial centers and malls
  • Social events like weddings, christening, funerals etc
  • Gyms, dancing schools, and schools of other sports
  • Old people’s homes
  • Hotels
  • Conferences, exhibitions
  • Casinos

At the same time it is noted that a SafePass is not needed in outdoor areas and the following places:

  • Hairdressers, beauty parlors
  • Banks
  • Beaches
  • Outside churches
  • Outside areas of restaurants
  • Supermarkets, open-air markets, fruit markets, bakeries, kiosks, pharmacies
  • Departments/services of the private and public sector
  • Betting shops

Citizens can present one of the following forms of evidence as a SafePass:

  1. i) Vaccination certificate with at least one dose and after a period of 3 weeks has passed. Citizens can present the Vaccination Card given to them at the vaccination centers, or

(ii) Proof that a person has contracted COVID-19 in the last 6 months. Citizens may present the text release message or the text recovery message sent to their mobile phone by the Ministry of Health, or

iii) If one of the above does not apply, and as a temporary solution, citizens aged 12 and over are given the option to present a negative test certificate, a PCR or a rapid test, valid for 72 hours.


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