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Safepass is the new coronavirus state of play in Cyprus, as of Monday

As of Monday, Cyprus enters a new coronavirus phase during which people will have to display a so-called Safepass to be allowed entrance in certain venues and facilities.

This is in line with government measures to stop the spread of Covid-19.

The Health Ministry has made clear that as a Safepass, people can display one of three documents: a certificate of vaccination with at least one dose, provided it has been three weeks since it was administered, proof they had the virus in the past six months, or the result of an antigen test taken in the past 72 hours.

Safepasses will be needed for entry into hospitality venues, places of religious worship, outdoor and indoor theatres, cinemas, and performing arts venues.

As well as for entry into malls and department stores, weddings, funerals, and christenings, gyms, dance and other schools, care homes and other similar facilities. And hotels, election gatherings in theatres, amphitheatres, hospitality venues, and homes, conferences and trade shows, as well as casinos.

A Safepass is not needed to enter hairdressing salons, beauticians, banks, supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, fish shops, fruit markets, convenience stores, pharmacies, municipal markets, public and private services, betting shops, beaches, outdoor picnic areas, reservoirs, and zoos.

People can use the card given at vaccination centres where they received their jab as their Safepass. As proof of having the virus, people can show the release text message sent by the Ministry to their phone.

The third option is to display a negative PCR or rapid antigen test carried out in the past 72 hours.

If the test was done on Sunday at 10am, for example, it will be valid until 10am on Wednesday. The printed result or the text message sent by testing units are both acceptable. Antibody and self-tests will not be accepted.

Only police officers or authorised state officials can check whether individuals have a valid Safepass.

Business owners or managers are not responsible for Safepasses and people are not obliged to present one to unauthorised persons.

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